Grace Nakyesa

My name is Nakyesa Grace, I am 21 years old and the very first child to be adopted by Gloryland family. I came to Gloryland family when I was only nine years (9). My Parents died and I and my six siblings were taken to grandmother’s place who was very old and needy at the same time and therefore could not take care of all our needs. Gloryland picked me up, clothed me, educated me, fed me, nurtured me and made a big happy girl that I am today. I am so talented in Music and Gloryland has provided me the platform to explore my talent. I will be joining university this year and I am very grateful to God for giving me such a caring home. I am so happy and blessed to have the same opportunities as other children.

Namanya Sylvia

My name is Namanya sylivia, I am 20years old. I joined Glory land home after my primary seven (six years ago). I came from a very toxic extended family of more than ten people. We were staying in the slums where young people used to abuse drugs right before my eyes. Because of our large family I lacked all the basic needs of life like Education, food, parental love and a decent shelter. I joined Gloryland six years ago and was able to get everything I couldn’t find at home but more importantly a safe home, I have completed senior six and I am preparing to join the University this year. My world is now a better place with less fears of life. Thank you so much Gloryland for making me a shining star.

Nuwamanya Isaac

I am called Ivan Nuwamanya, I am very grateful to Gloryland home for providing me with all the basic needs of life. Through Gloryland I have learnt to be a great man by working hard and focusing on achieving my dreams. This year I will be joining the university, which is one of my greatest joy. I promise to remain focus and to give back to Gloryland and other children who are needy. May God bless you my family.


Birungi Margret

I am called Birungi Margret, I did not know that I would ever in my life attain Education! When I finished Primary seven, my parents told me to sit at home and take care of a home because they did not have the money to pay for my school fees, as a matter of fact they could not even afford to feed me so I used to stay with my grandmother who was very old(72yrs then) I didn’t see any future in me not until Gloryland took me up and provided me with everything I needed like health care, feeding, dressing and paid my school fees from senior one(s.1) to senior six(S.6). By the Grace of God I will be joining the University this year and I am very excited and looking forward. I really thank God for connecting me to Gloryland, may God enlarge you territory. When I finish the University and get money, I will definitely pay you back in kind.

Mayanja Lilian

My name is Mayanja Lilian, I am a born again Christian and a child of God. Life has not been easy for me. My mother separated with my father when I was still young and as a result I was forced to stay with my step mother who abused me a lot and even convinced my dad to stop paying for my school. I became so confused, distressed and lost all the hopes, but all these drew me closer to God who heard my prayers and sent Gory land to my life. Because of Gloryland I was able to finish my senior four and later on senior six, I am now waiting to join the university this year with much hopes for the brighter future. I am forever in debted to Glory land Children’s Hime home.