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Our Founder

I am Moses Waswa Tinsley, the founder and C.E.O of Gloryland Children’s Home and Schools in Uganda and Kenya . I was born by two poor adolescent parents who knew absolutely nothing about parenting, in fact they separated as soon as I was conceived, my mother being poor and a young single parent, she couldn’t carry on the responsibility and therefore decided to abandon me in the plantation near my paternal Grandmother’s place at the age of two

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I was lucky, my grandmother picked me up and raised me together with her very big family of 15 people. During my childhood, I was subjected to all kinds of child abuse including child labour and domestic violence. At a very tender age, I struggled to pay my school fees and even to put food on the table. As a result I grew up very bitter and depressed, I even contemplated on committing suicide at the age of 12.

Despite my bitterness I had always had a special relationship with God, I would pray, fast and cry to God as often as possible. So one time I was crying while praying as usual and God showed me many children who were like me or even worse, and that picture kept playing in mind over and over again, I couldn’t understand it then not until I grew up both physically and spiritually that I understood that God wanted to use me to take up the responsibility over these children. To cut the story short I started taking care of vulnerable children 11 years back at the age of 25.

It’s been an amazing journey especially witnessing how some of my children have grown and Glory land home as well from 4 children in 2009 to currently over 239 children under my care, what is more fulfilling is knowing that I am making a difference but more importantly, serving God intended purpose in me(James 1:27)


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