This picture shows a glimpse of Shadrach’s battle for life as premature born, upto the cycle of a smiling healthy boy. He is one of our big testimonies.

Gloryland advocates for children’s welfare and their Rights. We believe that every child has got the Right to Life. And basic needs such as; education, clothing, shelter and health care.
We are an organization who speak out on the best interest of children. Serving God and humanity. We never stop speaking, because someone out there will listen. And that could be you reading this today.

This year we received 17 referral (children)from the government, and we still have a huge number in waiting.
We speak on behalf of many children,but only if someone chooses to listen.
2020 has been a very challenging year globally and we feel the pain of everyone who has been negatively impacted and celebrate with those that have overcome.

We, as an institution, we have had a huge financial decline. And that is where we are. We want to do more for children in 2021. We believe that someone out there will listen and join our team of helpers. We want children to have good diet of meals, medication and quality education.