Gloryland Children’s Home is a Community Based Initiative started by Pr. Wasswa Moses Tinsley to help provide health, education support and care to the orphaned, less priviledged children affeceted/infected by HIV/AIDS,poverty and other calamities in Uganda. Gloryland Children’shome mainly focuses on two programmes namenly school education and child caring ministry. The purpose is to uplift the vulnerable children and their parents/guardians out of the mire and to contribute towards the reduction of HIV/AIDS and poverty in Uganda.The program provides children withan opportunity to acquire lieracy skills and education for future self-reliance and development. The caring ministry provides the physiological and psychological needsto the children and restores their peace of mind, spirituality and hope in life. The child care and educational support for the less priviledged children in the area is an all-embracing approach to the educational needs of the disadvantaged children registered at the centre. A large number of children living in this area are disadvantaged,orpahned and vulnerable: they are most cases malnourished,affected or infected withless for the better future! This project is designed to meet the challenges faced by such children by providing free education to them for future self-sustainability.

OUR VISION: To create a community living a meaningful life with reduced vulnerability.

OUR MISSION:To extend fellowship, restore self-confidence and empower disadvantaged children through basic education and other life skills

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When people with the same passion of helping children join us, we are able to achieve our vision easily.